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Shipping From Stockholm to Jakarta

Moving is taft to do especially if we have limited budget for that. For people working in industry, usually they are provided a moving service by their company. But for academics like me, usually we have to arrange (and most of time pay) by ourself.

Based on my experience of  shipping  for moving from Stockholm, Sweden to Jakarta, Indonesia, there are two ways:

1. Direct Shipping

There is one shipping service  from Stockholm (our address) to Jakarta port (Tanjung Priok). The price is SEK 2700 for up to 1 cbm  =  8  “flyttkartonger”. For this service you can contact: Jan Sillén at jan@molineux.se.

But this service does not include cost in Custom (Bea Cukai) in Tanjung Priok (This is sometime more expensive that the shipping cost.. you know Indonesia lah….)  and delivery from Tanjung Priok to our address. However, there is a company PT. Quantum Indonesia Translogistic (http://quantumindonesia.com) who can help you to arrange this step.

Base on my experience this option is bit costly. I prefer the next option:

2. Non Direct Shipping

This option less cost, using two different companies and our box would transit in Germany.

Hence, it needs bit arrangement, please follow the steps:

1. Contact and ask  a shipping company Pulang kampung (http://pulangkampung.eu/) for information about the next shipping (usually every month).

2. Once you agree, fill the form and you would be given a container number and box number.

3. After the boxes are numbered,  and wrap nicely, next is to send them to pulang kampung warehouse (See their weskit for the address).

4. Contact http://www.fraktabilligt.se, for delivery from Stockholm to Germany. In their website you can check the cost directly. (The cost depends on the weight, but more boxes is cheaper). This service is half cheaper that ordinary shipping company, but we have to use an office address as pickup address. I used my department address in campus and had no problem.

5. Fill the form and they pay directly using your credit card. You will be given a document to be sticked in the box.

6. Wait until the company comes to pick the box, in my experience DHL pick and deliver my boxes to Germany. It takes around 1 week.

7. That’s it!

Note that the shipping pulang kampung from Germany can take 2-3 months, but the boxes would be sent directly to our address in Indonesia. So we do not need to face with bureaucracy in Custom in Tanjung Priok.



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Bioinformatics Workshop, Indonesia

Bioinformatics Workshop, Jakarta, Indonesia, April 14-15 2015

bioinfo workshop 2014
Material for my courses is available at:

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