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What is the difference between “Multiple” and “ Multivariate” Analysis?

What is the difference between “Multiple” and “ Multivariate”?

As the complexity of data increases, we have many variables measured. Then some confusion come up about what is Multiple Analysis and  Multivariate analysis?

Some people think they are the same, others mix them up.

Actually they are easy to distinguish.

First we have to know some basics:

Independent variable, is the variable that do not dependent to other variable. Sometime we refer it as covariates or predictor, and symbolize by X.

Dependent variable is the variable that dependent to other variable. Sometimes we call it as response, and symbolize by Y.

If we have more than one predictors (X) then we deal with a multiple case.

If there are more than one response (Y) then we have a multivariate case.

For example:

In univariate case we have simple linear regression:


Then multiple linear regressions is:


For multivariate case we can have models:






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