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The Role of Statisticians in Personalized Medicine: An Overview of Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics

For the past decade, there is a huge amount if interest in determining the optimal treatment for an individual patient, the so-called personalized medicine. This is mostly achieved mostly by understanding the human genome leading to targeted treatments or regimes. Rapid advances in biotechnology resulting complex and huge amount data sets for answering complex biological questions. This development challenges statisticians in developing and implementing proper statistical methods.

This talk would provide a brief basic of molecular biology and an overview of statistical methods commonly used in the bioinformatics research focused on the analysis of gene expression in microarray and Next-Generation Sequencing. Statistical methods such as regularized-t test, ANOVA, multiple testing methods, classification and clustering would be presented. Cases studies in prostate cancer, malaria and breast cancer would discussed.

 The slide can be seen at: http://slideshare.net/hafidztio/bioinformatics-tekfis-its





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